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Spring & Summer League Rules


  • Each game will consist of two 25 minute halves
  • 6 v 6 with no goalies
  • No offsides


  • Shin Guards are highly recommended. 
  • Cleats recommended for grass fields only. 


  • A goal box will be marked on the field around the goal. 
  • Players can move through the box BUT no ball contact is allowed within the goal box.
    • If a defender touches the ball inside the goal box -- a penalty kick is awarded to the other team
    • If an offensive player touches the ball inside the goal box -- a goal kick is award
    • A player who intentionally prevents a goal with their hands will receive a yellow card


  • A team needs a minimum of 4 players to play a 6v6 game and 3 for a 5v5 game.
  • A team may use players not listed on its official roster (guest players) to help field a team. Guest players should not be used as a mechanism to enhance the competitive balance of a team. Thus, all guest players must be approved by the other team's captain or representative.


  • Kick-ins to resume play from the sidelines.
  • Goal kicks may be taken from anywhere on the defensive endline.
  • All free kicks are indirect
  • Penalty kicks will be taken from the midfield in front of an open goal:
    • There will be no defending player/goalie contesting the penalty kick
    • All non-kicking players must be behind the midfield 
  • Substitutions will happen on the fly


  • No slide tackling
  • If a player receives a yellow card, for the next 5 minutes....
    • Player will be required to be off the field
    • Team will play one person down (same as a hockey power play)
  • If a player receives a red card, he/she will no longer be able to play the rest of the current game or any of the next game. The team cannot replace this player for the remainder of the game. 
  • Be respectful to everyone including teammates, referees, and organizers
  • The Falcons have a zero tolerance for violence or aggression on and off the field
    • Board members, referees or organizers have the right to eject a player from the game for instances of misconduct, rough play, or violence
    • These incidents are followed up with an investigation by the Board, including gathering testimonies from all those involved via email
    • Board may decide to give a warning, suspend, or even expel an individual from the club based on the incident that occurred and takes them on a case by case basis.


  • Teams will receive 3 points for a win, 1 for a tie, and 0 for a loss
  • No scoring limits, however when goal differentials are tallied we will only recognize a 5 goal difference
  • When a team is up by more than 3 goals, the other team may add one player to the field. 

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