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Support Inclusive programs for everyone.

Help us promote you: 

With your sponsorship, donation, or in-kind gift, the Falcons will promote your generosity at various festivals, fundraisers, tournaments, leagues, on our website, and more.

Help us support others: Many of our players find the Falcons to be an environment where they can be themselves and discover friendship and support in their LGBTQ community.

Tax-deduction: We're a 501(c)(3) club, which means your donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law. Once you make a donation we will send you a confirmation letter which can be used for tax purposes as substantiation of your contribution.

Help us to continue to create safe soccer spaces where everyone is able to play the sport regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, or gender expression.

The Falcons host soccer clinics for new players, Indoor and Outdoor Pickup for all the skills levels, Fourth seasonal leagues all year around, Two annual tournaments, We organize teams to represent the club in different leagues in the area also travel tournaments in and outside of the United States.

Other ways to Support.



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Became an Sponsor

Become a Sponsor

We can offer flexibility sponsorships opportunities for businesses, brands and partners looking to support the club’s mission. If you are interested in discussing opportunities, please reach out to us at


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