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We believe in the power of sports. The Falcons use soccer to promote our mission of providing an environment of equality, togetherness, self-empowerment and recreation on and off the field. We create and participate in events as a Club which serves as a commitment to ourselves as well as the LGBT+ community at large.

It is only through generous donations, sponsorships and in-kind gifts that the Falcons are able to continue developing an inclusive community for which all people are welcome.

We're a fun and diverse group, and we love to play soccer! Our members come from all walks of life: single, married, with and without children, men, women, all nationalities, all ages: 20s, 30s, 40s, and even 50s. And, we like to have a good time no matter what, which means we like to get out there and be active. Your generosity will be seen by many, so please donate now!

Reasons why you should support the Falcons:

  1. Help us promote you: With your sponsorship, donation, or in-kind gift, the Falcons will promote your generosity at various festivals, fundraisers, tournament, on our website, and more.
  2. Help us support others: Many of our players find the falcons club to be an environment where they can be themselves and discover friends and supports in their coming out process, which can be hard for anyone.
  3. Tax-deduction: We're a 501(c)(3) club, which means your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law. Once you make a donation we will send you a confirmation letter which can be used for tax purposes as substantiation of your contribution.

Sponsorship Levels

If you're interested in supporting the club, please contact our Fundraising and Sponsorship Liaison and/or review the sponsorship levels below.

Note: If any benefits offered does not match with your establishment (e.g.unable to host an event or happy hour at your establishment), we will work with you to find a suitable substitute for that benefit.

Other Types of Donations

Gift certificates, gift baskets, event tickets, professional services, retail merchandise, spa packages, travel items, etc., can be featured at our fundraisers throughout the year. All donations are appreciated!


  • Name of organization/donor mentioned in Annual Banquet Program


Click Here to donate now!

  • Name/Logo on the Falcons website under the respective donation tier.
  • Flyer or coupon promotional in the swag bag for the Annual tournament
  • Name of organization/donor mentioned in Annual Banquet Program.


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  • All the Contributor benefits
  • Your name in one of our teams in Our Annual Summer League
  • Logo in the Spring or Summer League shirts
  • Promote your business or events in our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, membership list. etc)


Click Here to donate now!

  • All Bronze benefits
  • Logo in our Annual Tournament t-shirts
  • Event Sponsored by the Falcons
    • Additional promotion on social media will be given to sponsors/donors that do not have the capacity to have events or would prefer the additional promotion and recognition of your donation at a Falcons Sponsored event
  • Two complimentary tickets to the Annual Banquet


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  • All of the Silver benefits
  • Logo in the Falcons Leagues (Spring, Fall and Winter)
  • Logo in the Falcon banner (which is take in all our events)
  • Two Events Sponsored by the Falcons

PREMIUM: 1,600

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  • All the Gold Benefits
  • Logo in a Falcons Sponsored team which will host Happy Hours after the games
  • Any Falcon League (Spring, Fall or Winter) Sponsored by your establishment as Main Sponsor

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