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Have some questions? If your questions aren't answered below, please don't hesitate to reach out via email!

Can anyone join the Falcons?

Anyone over the age of 18, regardless of gender identity, gender expression, sexual identity, skill level, ethnicity, may join the Philly Falcons.

What are Pickups? Can I join if I’m not a member?

Pickups are informal kick around where everyone is welcome to join regardless skills levels, even if you aren’t a member you are more than welcome to come the first time and if you like it we have two different types of membership. Half and Full as well we offer Scholarships for those who can’t afford the membership. Our membership is one of the lowest for adult soccer and gives you access to play pickup all year around and more. 

I’m new to soccer, are there any skills labs I can come to?

From time to time, we have skills clinics for new players, however we do not have them scheduled habitually. Check our social media for updates. If you are interested in doing one, email

How much does it cost to join?

It costs 35 dollars to become a Half-Year Member, and 60 dollars to become a Full Year Member. We also provide scholarships..

Check out our join us page for more information.

Where do pickup and league games happen?

Locations depend on the league. Falcons sponsored leagues happen in Philadelphia.

  • Indoor and Winter League happen at the Guerin Center at 16th & Jackson in South Philly.
  • Outdoor pickup & Spring and Summer happen at Chew Playground in South Philly.
  • Fall League on Revolution Phield House...

What happens if I become a member and I decide I don't want to be one anymore?

Although we rarely ever see this happen! .... The board reviews requests on a case by case basis and only issue refunds in the rarest of cases. Please email

Do I have to be considered LGBTQ+ to join?

Absolutely not! We welcome all people of all identities. Many of our members join simply for the love of sport and soccer. We encourage anyone and everyone to join us, as long as they want to play, and bring a good attitude!

If I can't afford the membership fee, is there a way to still join?

Yes! The Falcons have a scholarship program that funds memberships. They are given out on a case by case basis as long as funds are available. If you want to apply for a scholarship - email

How are the Falcons leagues? Are they competitive?

Our seasonal leagues consists everyone register as free agents and they are placed on different teams based on skills levels and field positions. The games are fun, recreational and competitive in the same time. We know this isn’t the Worldcup and we also have the fair play rule. Team who is up for more than three goals let the other team to have a xtra player. So is perfectly for all the skills levels is a good mix and you can mix other players during the Social Events.

I saw some Falcons teams wearing some cool jerseys. How I join that team to represent the Club?

The Falcons plays in different leagues in Philadelphia, New Jersey and in the Suburbs. Some players have been playing together for a long time that they stick together. Anyone is welcome to captain a falcons team. 

Also the club sponsor the 11side. Currently we have Women’s & Non-binary teams playing in Tri-County and CASA as well Men’s & Non-binary teams in CASA. There are some 7sides teams that are organized by falcons players. If you would like to join one of those teams we can connect you with the captains. Email

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