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Board Members

Maggie Ross

Vice President

(they/them) Maggie lives in West Philly and started playing soccer around the age of 10. They had a lot of starts and stops throughout the years, but seem to always come back to the pitch. They are passionate about the game and love playing with the friendly and supporting Falcons community. The have enjoyed opportunities to travel with the club to play and meet teams from across the country, and hope to do more of that this year. 

Colleen Doherty

Communications Director (she/her)

(she/her) Colleen lives in "deep South Philly" and first played soccer with Horsham Township when she was about seven years old. She loves going to Union games and to see the USWNT play with the Falcons. She believes the best way to enjoy good weather is by playing soccer.

Krissy Mahan


(she/they) Krissy started playing soccer when she was 50 years old. She loves the exhilaration of being part of a true "team goal," where everyone from defense, through midfield, and then strikers move the ball until it makes it into the net. Krissy sees the Falcons as a joyful experiment in mutual aid and a way for people to practice taking care of one another.

Alexander Tristano

Sporting Activities Officer

(they/them) Alexander started playing with the Falcons in 2016 but was a friend of the club for years before that. Their favorite thing about the Falcons is getting to play soccer in a totally open and accepting community. Alexander has lived in Philly since they were five years old and you can usually spot them biking around the city. 

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