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Outfest Soccer Tennis Tournament  Tennis · Any Recreational

Fall 2020
Oct 11 ’20
Registration Dates:
Sep 24 ’20 – Oct 2 ’20 early bird
Oct 3 ’20 – Oct 7 ’20 regular
Oct 8 ’20 – Oct 11 ’20 late
Minimum age:
18 years old
Maximum age:
99 years old
Age as of:
Oct 11 ’20
MonTueWedThuFriSatSun 10:30am to 3:00pm
Team Fees
Early Bird $20.00 per team + 5.5% Processing Fee
Regular $20.00 per team + 5.5% Processing Fee
Late $25.00 per team + 5.5% Processing Fee
Free Agent Fees
Early Bird $10.00 + 5.5% Processing Fee
Regular $10.00 + 5.5% Processing Fee
Late $15.00 + 5.5% Processing Fee

The Philadelphia Falcons Soccer Club is a LGBTQIA+ organization that provides an atmosphere of equality, acceptance, and teamwork on and off the soccer field. We want to celebrate National Coming Out Day on October 11th and bring our community together in a socially distanced environment with a soccer tennis tournament to replace our Outfest tournament that usually hold this weekend. We celebrate the impact of the LGBTQIA+ black trailblazers who have fought for equality. We will not be silent in this fight for justice and we want to contribute to the change. With this soccer tennis tournament, we want to show unity against police brutality specifically against our LGBTQIA+ black brothers and sisters therefore all proceeds will be donated to the Center for Black Equity.

Match rules:

- Teams of two will play against each other and the first team to get 15 will win the match

- Prior to the official start of the match, the two teams will play a point to decides who will get to serve for the first point

- A team will continue to serve until they lose a point

- A team gets one bad serve for each service (two chances at getting it into play) before losing a point

- A team does not have to be serving in order to win a point

- The winning team must win by 2 points

- All matches will be played on grass for safety purposes

- The width and length of the field will be 10 ft long and the net will be 2.5ft long

How to play:

- You can use all of the body parts that are allowed in traditional soccer

- Handballs will count as a loss in a point

- A player can touch the ball multiple times without a penalty as long as they have kept the ball in the air (juggle style), after the ball has bounced the partner of the team must be the next player to touch the ball

- A team can take as many touches as they want to get the ball over, as long as the ball has not exceeded the bounce limits

Tournament rules:

- Each team is guaranteed at least three group stage matches and one playoff match

- In Group stage matches teams will have two bounces to get the ball over the net and in bounds onto the opposing team's side

- In Playoffs, teams will only have one bounce to get the ball over the net and in bounds onto the opposing team's side

**Masks should be worn on sidelines and please make sure to socially distance.

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