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March 2021 Newsletter

Emailed 2/28/2021

Dear Falcons,

Happy March :) See below for updates from the club and information about upcoming opportunities to play soccer and to connect with our LGBTQIA+ community.

  • Falcons Pickup: Pickup was delayed by all the February snow. We'll be resuming pickup games once the fields are dry enough to play. All games will be outdoors and all players will be required to wear masks. Keep an eye out for days and locations of pickup games soon!
  • Fundraiser for Football v Homophobia Campaign: A team of Falcons is playing a friendly match today (2/28) against Oaklyn United to celebrate the Football v Homophobia Campaign. We have created shirts for the teams, which can also be purchased by the public here. All profits from the sale of shirts will be donated to the Football v Homophobia Campaign, which works to make soccer a safe, welcoming place for LGBTQIA+ players.
  • Updates to the Falcons Website: I'm working on cleaning up and adding content to our website, including a blog where updated information about pickups, leagues, and tournaments will be listed. If you want certain information or resources available on the website or shared via email or social media, please email me at with your suggestions and ideas.

I'm so excited to play soccer again this spring. The board is here to help you find the level of soccer involvement that is safe and comfortable for you.

Yours in soccer,


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